Hangman could try to impress you with a jargon salad about how we’re a disruptive, 360° agile agency empowering brands. Except we’re into simplicity: we do words and we do them well.

  • Storytellers are all the rage these days. Hangman’s team has been telling stories since we were called things like journalists, copywriters and editors. We couple our storytelling skills with marketing and public relations nous to craft strategic, consumer-focused content.

  • Every brand has something to say and a gazillion channels to say it through: web copy, blogs, eDMs, videos, media releases, marketing collateral, in store, out of home, internal, external… you name it. Hangman keeps brands on message, speaking with one voice.

  • If it’s broke, let Hangman fix it. We can spruce up your sentences, tighten your text and de-jargon your documents. A literary spit-and-polish, as it were, to help brands sound more human and less like a marketing spiel.

  • Not all influencers are created equal. The brave new world of influencer marketing is more than a numbers game—the trick is uncovering the genuine, media-savvy brand champions hidden in a digital landscape teeming with #selfie obsessed narcissists.

  • If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to video it and upload it to YouTube, did it even happen? If it’s not on Google, it may as well not exist. Navigate the algorithms and web crawlers that determine brand visibility.

  • Like a mother with a new baby, brands want their social communities to grow and flourish. But, like babies, social channels need lots of attention and demand to be fed constantly. Let Hangman plan, produce and babysit your social content.

  • Content without strategy is like being the weirdo at a bus stop yelling random stuff at passers-by. Don’t be that guy. Have a point and make it well. Whether it’s developing tone of voice or crafting digital and social strategy, Hangman hits brand objectives.